The emergence of academic units inside the University City Campus generated a demand of services to attend students, faculty and staff. These services were retained by the Technical Office of the University of Brazil (ETUB), which is responsible for planning and executing works inside the University City Campus and since it was not part of their duties the University Council was lead to approve, on April 22, 1965 the creation of the UFRJ's Campus Administration department.

In 1965 the architect and professor Mauro Ribeiro Viegas was named for the position of director (or mayor) of the Campus Administration department and he kept that position for seven years. Among a series of competences the mayor was responsible for the campus security; maintenance of all buildings, electrical and hydraulic installations around the campus; shuttle and meal services as well as the proper functioning of accommodations for on-campus living students. For that, the Campus Administration department reckoned on a team of architects, engineers, designers and other professionals.

In conclusion, on August 30, 1966, the Campus Administration department headquarters building was inaugurated by the University Rector Pedro Calmon and by the UFRJ's Central Administration. Over the years, the building was enlarged and still works as the seat of the Campus Administration department.

UFRJ Prefeitura Universitária
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