P1030218Ivan Ferreira Carmo, 51, has a degree in Architecture emphasized on Urbanism (UFRJ), a specialization in Logistics (Coppead) and a Masters degree in Transport Engineering (Coppe), he joined the University in 1986 and held the position of Deputy Mayor of the University City Campus between 2004 and 2012. Before that he worked as the Campus Administration Department Technical Assistant (1998-2004); at the Philosophy Center and Human Science's Head Maintenance Services (1991-1997) and he also worked as an executive manager of architecture projects in the Maintenance and Development Group / UFRJ (1987-1990).






P1030211The civil engineer Paulo Mario Ripper, 44, joined the Federal University in 1987 and has already held the positions of sub-mayor of the Praia Vermelha Campus (1998-2002) and of the University downtown unites (2002-2011). Ripper was the technician responsible for the construction of CFCH's metal structure library and also participated and coordinated the process of implosion of the University Hospital Clementino Fraga Filho's disabled area.









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