Areas of Expertise

The responsabilities of the Campus Administration department are:


Environmental Management

The Campus Administration department is responsible for the occupation and control of the soil; development of sustainability policies; waste and garbage collection management as well as solids residues treatment; conservation of green areas and by the entire urban setting of the campuses.


Urban Engineering

The Campus Administration department shall Identify the needs, plan and execute works and projects, maintain and conserve urban areas; of public parks; the supply and collection systems as well as the urban furniture of the campuses.


Urban Mobility

The Campus Administration department develops and encourages universal and sustainable mobility politics for all the University campuses; it is responsible for the management and oversight of the integrated transport services inside the University; observation and intervention alongside the City and State Government in public transportation and traffic inside the University City Campus matters.



The Campus Administration department has the task to keep the security and monitoring services of all campuses through the work of the Security Coordination and the use of technological resources.


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